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Improvement is Possible
Improving Cardiac Survival Rates, One Community at a Time

As a medical emergency there is nothing more dramatic than sudden cardiac arrest. A person at home or in the community, suddenly (often with no symptoms) collapses. Consciousness is lost in a matter of seconds and there is instantaneous loss of pulse and blood pressure. At the moment of cardiac arrest the person is clinically dead. Within 10 minutes clinical death will progress to irreversible biological death and another statistic will be notched in the tally of deaths from heart disease. This cold «statistic» cannot possibly reveal the reality of a vital person engaged in the community, with family and friends,children and grandchildren.
This guide is intended for EMS directors, medical directors, fire department chiefs, EMS service officers, EMS training officers, and dispatch center directors. It is written specifically for you, and with that in mind, jumps right to the practical information. There is little in the way of background or scholarly discussions of the latest scientific finding.

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